SACRAMENTO, CA – Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. was hosted by the California Center over the weekend in Chengdu for a special business breakfast event during his historic visit to Sichuan Province, China.  Governor Brown is the first sitting California Governor on record to visit Sichuan, and made immediate use of his time by meeting with several key U.S. companies gathered together, to share with the Governor aspects of their experiences working in the region to further advance business relationships and clean energy cooperation.



California Governor Jerry Brown

“Much credit has to be given to the Governor for understanding the critical role U.S. companies are playing in this vitally important economic region of China, and we were honored to be able to host this important business engagement,” said California Center’s President/CEO, Margaret Wong.  “Chengdu and the Sichuan Province are the gateway to the ‘Silk Road’ which is a prominent and strategic focus of China’s economic plan that focuses on connectivity and cooperation – there is no better location than Chengdu for seeing first-hand the level of dedicated cooperation occurring between our two countries, we are so excited the Governor made this stop a priority.” added Wong.

California Center CEO/President: Margaret Wong

Governor Brown’s message to the group of nearly thirty businesses and dozens of economic/political leaders remained focused on his primary purpose for this trip to China, which is to promote clean energy cooperation and mechanisms to reduce global emissions.

California Center has been a valuable resource and advocate for numerous clean tech company efforts in China and even helped to launch the U.S. Smart Cities Alliance focused on smart energy solutions between the U.S./China.  California Center also recently opened a new office in Chengdu and has created a seamless operation that includes: consulting, shipping, customs clearance, warehousing, sales transactions and customer services for U.S. companies trying to connect in China. Through California Center’s portals, Chinese buyers can navigate through listed California companies seamlessly and with great ease.   California Center also has been working in Sichuan to build unique opportunities in the areas of: sports, entertainment, theme parks, media, high-tech, medical industries, as well as education, to further connect U.S./California businesses, elite educational institutions and respected groups and/or programs with partners in China.

Governor Brown was joined by U.S. Consul Raymond Greene; the Mayor of Luzhou, Mr. Liu Qiang, the Chairman of the Sichuan Energy Industry Investment Group, Mr. Guo Yong; Mary Nichols, Chairperson of the California Air Resources Board, as well as numerous top-level staff from the Governor’s team and Sichuan’s Bureau of Investment and Service representatives.

U.S. Consul Raymond Greene
Mayor of Luzhou Mr. Liu Qiang
Chairman of the Sichuan Energy Industry Investment Group, Mr. Guo Yong

Notable U.S. heavy-hitters joining for the meaningful engagement with Sichuan corporations and the Governor included: Chevron, Tesla, McWong Environmental Energy Group, Dell EMC, and Tyco Electronics.