Announcement about the Collection of the Logo Designs for China Dental Valley posted by Dental Valley Co.,Ltd.

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  1. The background of China Dental Valley
1.The Basic Information of China Dental Valley Dental health is an important symbol of national economic development, social civilization and the national health. In April 2016, President Xi Jinping made a major decision to highlight the importance of the dental health. According to strategic arrangements made by the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government in May 2016, Ziyang strives to build the China No.1 and the world-famous China Dental Valley. China Dental Valley aims to build an ecosystem of the full industrial chain, and to construct the “silicon valley” of the dental industry in China. China Dental Valley covers an planning area of 6000 mu, with its featured leading technology, innovation-driven development, and ecological system. China Dental Valley includes healthcare complex, industrial area, science and education center, international exchange area, and life supporting area, therefore meeting the overall demand of residence. In the future, China Dental Valley will form an industrial ecosystem with “full industrial chain” as its core value and “Stomatology +” as its extension development.
  1. The Basic Information of Dental Valley Co.,Ltd.
Dental Valley Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ziyang Development Zone Investment Co., Ltd., and is mainly responsible for the operation and management of the China Dental Valley, with a registered capital of 100 million RMB. The company is located at No. 1, Xiandai Avenue, Hi-tech Industrial Park District, Ziyang City, Sichuan Province. The company’s business covers Manufacturing Industry; Construction Industry; Wholesale and Retail Industry; Information Transmission, Software and Information Technology Services; Leasing and Business Services.
  1. Targets of the Collection
Globally collecting logo designs for both China Dental Valley and Dental Valley Co., Ltd. Designer can be either individual or an entity.
  • Deadline of the Collection
Designers can submit their works from the date of the announcement, till 8/31/2018.
  1. Content of the Collection
In order to improve the brand image and good understand of China Dental Valley globally, our company intends to make a public collection of the logo design for both China Dental Valley and Dental Valley Co., Ltd.. We encourage all the creative and innovative designers to participate.
  1. Design Requirements:
  2. The design of the logo should take into account the orientation and significance of China Dental Valley and should reflect featured elements of the China Dental Valley, for instance, the full industrial chain of the Dental Valley. The logo of the Dental Valley Co., Ltd. should reflect the corresponding characteristics of the Dental Valley.
  3. The creation should be featured with prominent themes, profound meaning, innovative ideas, easy to remember and spread, and full of visual appeal and impact.
  4. Designer’s interpretation of the designing philosophy (meaning, background, etc.).
  5. Strong applicability and can be used for various occasions and carriers such as, building decoration, VI advertising, websites, documents, stationery, promotional items and media publicity, as well as can be used for arts and crafts, decoration and tourist souvenirs.
  6. Graphic logos and font design draft should be attached with three dimensional and colored renderings, and to provide standard color and special font design drafts, as well as providing JPG format renderings and vector graphics such as AI or CDR.
  7. The submitted designs must be original works, yet have not been published/used in any form. The content of the design must accord with the laws and regulations, and can be registered in the trademark office legally.
  8. Service Fee and Program Selection of the Design
  9. Service Fee
The potential designers quote the following two logos separately. (1)The maximum price limit of design service fee for the China Dental Valley is 160,000 RMB. (2)The maximum price limit of design service fee for the Dental Valley Co., Ltd. is 70,000 RMB.
  1. Schedule of the Program Selection
(1) From September 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018, our company will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to select top five design sets each for China Dental Valley and Dental Valley Co., Ltd.. The evaluation will be based on design service fee quotations, design plans, and previous outstanding designing achievements, etc. (2)From October 1, 2018 to November 10, 2018, our company will select one design out of the top five design sets each for China Dental Valley and Dental Valley Co., Ltd.. The top five design sets of each company (exclude the chosen one) receive 5000 RMB as service fee. All designers shall include their commitment letter in the application states that: if his/her design set ranks into the top five, the copyright of the design work shall belong to the Dental Valley Co., LTD., and shall not provide it for the use of a third party in any way. At the same time, in addition to meeting the needs of your company, the design works shall not be provided for designer in any way. (3) From November 11, 2018 to November 30, 2018, our company and the designer shall sign the Logo Design Service Contract of China Dental Valley. And the selected designer shall revise the design set according to the requirements of our company. After carefully reviewed and confirmed in written of the revised work by our company, yet found no similar trademarks, our company shall pay 40% of the service fee within 20 days after receiving the invoice provided by designer. After the design been successfully registered by the Trademark Office, our company shall pay the remaining service fee within 20days after receiving the invoice issued by designer. VII. Design Considerations
  1. The designer should consider and design the work from an international perspective. The symbol and the element in the Logo must take into account the international conventions and taboos.
2.Whether design works are figurative or abstract graphics, they must be considered in graphic styles to avoid ambiguity. 3.The designer should fully consider the elements of Logo communication. 4.The submitted design work must be original and shall not infringe any third party’s copyright, intellectual property or other rights. The design work shall not be bound or restricted by any third party (including but not limited to current employer), no binding or restrictive obligations. If the submitted design work infringes the copyrights of others, the designer shall bear all legal liabilities, such as litigation costs, damage claims, attorney fees of our company and third-party company, etc. The content of the design work must meet the requirements of laws and regulations. 5.The submitted work shall meet the relevant regulation and can be registered in the National Trademark Department. 6.Each submitted design proposal shall include required information such as the commitment letter and the design service fee quotation form (see the annex for details). If the design work is submitted by the company or other legal person (organization), the design plan should also include a copy of the business license with official seal and a copy of the legal representative’s identity card with official seal. If the design plan is submitted by individual, the design plan should also include copy of personal identification card signed and with one’s thumb print. Designers can provide additional information such as previous outstand achievements in the design plan.
  1. If the designer submits one or more works, he/she should provide the name and contact information on all the design works. The potential designer can submit one or both of the logo designs.
  2. The submitted works will not be returned. After the publication of the results, the unselected works may be handled by the designers themselves.
  3. Interested designers may find more information at the actual location or search online. The following website can be used to inquire about some basic information:
(1) For the basic information of Ziyang City, please refer to Ziyang Municipal People’s Government Portal. The website is: (2)Please refer to the official website of Ziyang High-tech Industrial Park for its basic information: (3) You can search for the keyword “China Dental Valley” on the official website of the Ziyang City Urban and Rural Planning Administration Website at 10.The designers shall send the electronic version of the design work to by e-mail, as well as color printed out the design work and bind them into five volumes, and mail it to our company address, see VIII section for address. 11.All participating designers are deemed to agree with all the terms of the announcement. The Collection notice shall be announced by the official website of Ziyang Hi-tech Industrial Park.
  1. The right of final interpretation of the collection activity is owned by Dental Valley Co., Ltd.
VIII Contact Information Collector: Dental Valley Co., Ltd. Address: No.1 Modern Avenue, Ziyang Hi-tech Industrial Park District, Ziyang City, Sichuan Province Postal Code: 641300 Contact: Mr. Yang, Tel: 028-26656609, 13320843610 Mailbox:   Attachments:
  1. Letter of Commitment
  2. Quotation form
3.Performance   Dental Valley Co., Ltd. June 29,2018   Attachment 1 Letter of Commitment To: Dental Valley Co., Ltd. [unit(individual)’s Name] is now participating in the open collection of the Logo Design in China dental valley, Ziyang, China. According to the terms and conditions of the collection announcement, we/I hereby submit the matching document that is in full compliance with the collection announcement. We/I fully agree with the rules set out in the collection announcement and promise to fulfill all our obligations in accordance with these rules. Once the design proposals are accepted, we will fulfill our due obligations. If the design proposal is selected in the top five of the overall design sets, the copyright of the design work is owned by Dental Valley Co., Ltd. .[unit(individual)’s Name] shall not provide the selected design work to any third party in any way. In addition to satisfying the needs of design unit (individual), the design work is not intended to be used by [design unit (individual)] in any way. [unit(individual)’s Name]guarantees: The scheme designed by our company can be successfully registered in the Trademark Office. The official mailing address is:: Contact: Telephone number: E-mail: Signature of the design unit(individual) legal representative and official seal/personal signature (seal): Date:   Attachment 2 Quotation form Unit: RMB
project name Quotation Unit(individual) Total contract price (unit: RMB) Total contract price (in Capital Chinese) Memo
China Dental Valley Logo Design Service Fee
Dental Valley Co., Ltd. Logo Design Service Fee
Note: Each sub-item design service fee quoted is the sub-item’s total contract price   Unit (official seal)/ individual (signature and stamp) : Date:   Attachment 3 Achievements
Project Name
Project Location
Purchaser/Collector Name
Purchaser/Collector Address
Purchaser/Collector Contact Number
Project Description
Note: 1. Fill out only one item per form.
  1. Additional materials needed to support the achievement, such as Project Contract, etc.

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