California Center Cross-border E-commerce

California Center provides one-stop services for U.S. food companies to sell directly to Chinese consumers through cross-border e-commerce.

Why join California Center Cross-border E-commerce

  • Enjoy China’s growing demand for imported products.
  • Benefit from China’s growing cross-border ecommerce : less regulation, no Chinese label needed, reduced duties and tax.
  • Enjoy California Center one-stop services to sell directly to Chinese consumers.
  • Get recognition by being listed on one of the largest ecommerce sites in China, which serves as a great marketing tool to attract potential big business buyers.
  • Reduced investment and risk to tap into huge Chinese market than selling to China on your own.
  • Dedicated U.S. Staff and Chinese business experts to assist you in every step.
  • Transparent processes and government support in both U.S. and China.