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Beijing, China (August 17-19, 2015) – California Center successfully organized a group of U.S. companies to attend U.S. Embassy meeting in Beijing and U.S. Business Summit at Green Dragon Lake district in Beijing, China from August 17 -19, 2015. The purpose of the meeting and the Summit is to help U.S. companies to understand the Green Dragon Lake (GDL) project and how to implement U.S. companies’ technologies into the project. Owned and operated by China Development Orient Urban Development and Investment Co., Ltd ( CDO), the GDL project is a world-class sustainable energy and clean technologies project that will utilize the latest in clean/smart energy innovation. The project presents a great opportunity for U.S. companies in green energy/smart city industries to implement their technologies into the project. Participating companies include Honeywell, Cisco, GE, McWong Environmental Technology, The Digit Group, Dais Analytic Corporation, Dresser-Rand, Xylem, Autodesk, LumaNext, Ecolab Inc and Chic Capital. Most of the participating companies are also the ones that joined the April presidential trade mission in China  led by Secretary of U.S. Department of Commerce.



On August 17,  the group attended the meeting at U.S. Embassy in Beijing and was welcomed by Val Huston, Principal Commercial Officer at U.S. Commercial Service of U.S. Embassy, together with other U.S. Embassy staff. During the meeting, the group discussed about the Green Dragon Lake project and how U.S. companies can participate to help the project to become a low-carbon model city in China.  At the beginning of the meeting, Margaret Wong, President of California Center and McWong Environmental Technology introduced the overview and history of the forming of U.S. Alliance on Smart Energy and low carbon cities.  Following that, special presentation about the Green Dragon Lake project was delivered by Edward Zhu, the Chief Strategist of CDO. The special presentation along with the Q&A section answered questions about the scope of the project, technologies that will be used and overall vision of the project. Later, Paul Doherty of The Digit Group presented how U.S. companies can assist  GDL to become a successful low carbon/smart city by implementing  U.S. technologies in the project. Val Huston of the U.S. Embassy are very supportive of the project and provided detailed suggestion on how the group can better relay the significance of the project in order to gain top-down level support from both U.S. and China governments.



On August 18th, the group attended U.S. Business Summit at the Green Dragon Lake project site. In the morning,  China Development  Orient Urban Development and Investment Co. Ltd. (CDO), the operator  of the project, held a site tour to help the group to understand the development area and surrounding environment.  Following the site tour, CDO chairman Mr.Zuo Kun and  Vice President  Mr. Zhang Kun welcomed the group and gave the group an overview of the Green Dragon Lake project, including the project’s mission and planning.  In the afternoon, the U.S. companies present had the opportunity to provide individual presentations about their companies with the group and CDO representatives. Several individual private meetings for contract negotiations also occurred with many of the companies present and CDO.



The next day on August 19th, the business summit concluded with more private meetings and discussions with U.S. companies and CDO.

In summery, the meeting at the U.S. Embassy and the Business Summit at the Green Dragon Lake project site were well received by all parties. California Center will continue to connect U.S. companies with the project and help U.S. companies to get contract from it.  Gaining support from U.S. government will help facilitate the collaboration between U.S. companies and the project. Therefore, California Center is planning to provide a high-level debriefing about the summit in Washington D.C. with U.S. government staff from Department of Commerce, Department of Energy , U.S. Trade office and so on.


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