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Not to Be Left Out, China Embraces the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ – The Wall Street Journal

Over the past couple of days, China’s technology tycoons have lined up to get soaking wet by participating in the so-called “ice bucket challenge,” in which people pour buckets of ice water over their heads as part of a fundraising drive to help fight ALS, a neurodegenerative disorder commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease…Read Full Story

China Home Prices Fall in Most Cities on Weak Demand – Bloomberg

China’s new-home prices fell in July in almost all cities that the government tracks as tight mortgage lending deterred buyers even as local governments eased property curbs…Read Full Story

Property Developer China Vanke Posts First-Half Profit Increase – The Wall Street Journal

SHANGHAI— China Vanke Co. 000002.SZ -0.21% , the world’s largest residential property developer by revenue, said Sunday that it managed an increase in its net profit for the first half of 2014, despite China’s housing downturn, by focusing on home sales in larger Chinese cities where profit margins are higher…Read Full Story

Obama’s Green Dilemma: Punish China, Imperil U.S. Solar – Bloomberg

From the State of the Union address in January to a recent California fundraising swing, President Barack Obama has missed few opportunities to tout the nation’s use of renewable energy to fight climate change…Read Full Story

Foreign Direct Investment Into China Falls to Lowest Level in 2 Years – The Wall Street Journal

BEIJING—China denied on Monday that a spate of recent antitrust probes into foreign companies could be responsible for falling levels of investment in the country, after data showed that foreign direct investment in China fell 17% in July compared with a year earlier…Read Full Story

China calls for greater use of homegrown medical devices-Reuters

Aug 18 (Reuters) – China may use incentives to encourage domestic hospitals to use Chinese-made medical devices as it looks to stimulate the local market and reduce soaring healthcare costs, a potential threat to the global firms who currently dominate the sector…Read Full Story

Thousands in Hong Kong Rally in Support of China – The New York Times

HONG KONG — Tens of thousands of people marched under a blistering sun in Hong Kong on Sunday to express their opposition to a pro-democracy movement that has threatened to bring Asia’s biggest financial center to a standstill if the government does not open up the nomination process for electing the city’s top leader…Read Full Story

China Pushes Cleanup of Banks – The Wall Street Journal

Top Four Lenders Are Raising Capital and ‘Bad Banks’ Are Being Created to Absorb Soured Loans..Read Full Story

Protecting fair skin with China’s ‘face-kini’ – BBC

Perhaps drawing inspiration from Spiderman, beachgoers in China’s eastern city of Qingdao have come up with a novel way of protecting their skin from the sun…Read Full Story

U.S. losing its interest in buying China companies – MarketWatch

LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) — U.S. companies, and really companies all around the world, are losing interest in buying up their Chinese counterparts, according to a Dealogic report out Friday…The Wall Sreet Jurnal

Doubt Is Cast on Vetting of Deals by Alibaba –  The New York Times

The Alibaba Group, the Chinese e-commerce giant, has been on a buying spree since the start of last year, spending billions of dollars to acquire stakes in businesses like department stores and mapping services in China and an array of technology start-ups in the United States…Read Full Story

UPS And FedEx Can Now Ship Packages In China Without Joint-Venture Partners –Business Insider

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – After years of waiting, United Parcel Service Inc (UPS) and FedEx Corp have received licenses in China to extend domestic express package services to Beijing and other cities without needing joint-venture partners…Read Full Story

Worst drought in half a century hits China’s bread-basket – The Wall Street Journal

HONG KONG (MarketWatch) — China’s worst drought in half a century is sweeping across crucial agricultural regions, devastating harvests in its wake and threatening food security…Read Full Story

After China smartphone success, Lenovo plans leap forward overseas – Reuters

(Reuters) – China’s Lenovo Group said first-quarter profit jumped 23 percent, beating estimates, as a surge in smartphone sales showed how quickly the world’s biggest personal computer maker is transforming itself into a major player in mobile technology…Read Full Story

America’s view of China is fogged by liberal ideas -Financial Times

Do the events that led to the outbreak of the first world war carry lessons for the Sino-American relationship? A century ago it was the ascent of Germany under Kaiser Wilhelm II that unsettled the world; today a rising China is roiling east Asia. Then, as now, domestic politics on both sides played a role; one that is too easily neglected…Read Full Story

China Is Rejecting GMO Corn and That Isn’t Good for American Farmers – Truthout

The industrial agribusiness has embraced GMOs in the United States, but it’s having a serious effect on farmers. Most recently, China began rejecting a variety of genetically modified US corn, and the rejection is reportedly costing American farmers upwards of $3 billion, according to the National Feed and Grain Association… Read Full Story

‘Return to rationality’ signals big shift in China’s housing market – Financial Times

As China’s real estate slump began to hit sales at the Champs Elysées development in the picturesque lakeside city of Hangzhou, the company building it responded with a price cut.

Angry homeowners gathered to protest, holding banners with slogans such as “Return my blood and sweat money!” as police formed a barricade around the office entrance. The residents relented eventually, perhaps with the creeping realisation that the days of making easy money in the Chinese real estate market are over…Read Full Story

China’s Wanda Takes on Disney, DreamWorks Animation With Plan For 200 Theme Parks – The Hollywood Reporter

Wanda Group, China’s biggest real estate company and the world’s largest cinema chain, is planning to build 200 children’s theme parks by 2020, local media reported, making it the country’s biggest kids entertainment company. The parks are set to provide domestic competition for U.S. giantsDreamworks and The Walt Disney Company, both of which have big plans for China… Read Full Story

Ganji gets $200 million funding as China’s online classifieds battle heats up – Tech In Asia

The recent IPO of China’s top online classifieds site has sparked new competition in this very unsexy sector. Today Ganji revealed it has pulled in a sixth round of funding worth US$200 million in order to keep pace with, its NYSE-listed rival. Craigslist is a very minor player in China mostly just used by expats…Read Full Story

Why Investors Are Furiously Protesting Outside China’s Biggest Bank – The Wall Street Journal

“Swindler ICBC, pay back our blood and sweat money!”

That’s what Chinese protesters earlier this week had to say outside Industrial and Commerce Bank of China offices in Guangzhou and Shanghai.

The protesters weren’t displaced farmers or migrant workers: Instead, they were a group of furious investors demanding that the country’s biggest bank bail out a trust company that had failed to pay its bills…Read Full Story

Anxiety Is Local in China’s Property Woes – The Wall Street Journal

A whiff of desperation lingers over China’s property markets. Investors betting on a quick real-estate recovery would be wise to consider the consequences. Shares of China’s biggest listed developers rallied in July in response to moves by local governments to make it easier for buyers to purchase property. An S&P Index of China property companies is 15% higher than in late June. It is thought that loosening of curbs should attract skittish buyers back to the market. These included minimum down-payment requirements and other limits, especially on buyers of multiple properties…Read Full Story

Li Ka-Shing, Wang Jianlin and China’s Falling Home Prices – Forbes

According to a story on Friday in the Wall StreetJournal, Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing, who is ranked by Forbes as Asia’s richest man, is reported to be selling a property in Shanghai for RMB 1.54 billion ($250 million). If realized, the disposal of Shanghai International Capital Plaza by Li’s ARA AssetManagement would be the fifth property asset sold off by a company controlled by the Chinese tycoon in the last year…Read Full Story

China Probes Threaten to Squeeze Foreign Profits – Bloomberg

China’s antitrust crackdown signals a new era of regulatory scrutiny in the country and threatens to end the days when products from Audi sedans to Starbucks lattes generate fatter profits in Beijing than in London or New York… Read Full Story

How China’s Trying to Boost Its Economy: ‘Qualitative Easing’

To describe the nature of China’s current monetary policy and to differentiate from that of the U.S. Fed, one economist has coined a new term: “qualitative easing.” Professor Willem Buiter, chief economist at Citigroup, came up with the phrase to distinguish the Chinese central bank’s recent moves from the much better-known quantitative easing program by its U.S. counterpart… Read Full Story

China Struggles to Expand Quake-proof Construction – Voice of America

HONG KONG—The powerful earthquake that hit Southwest China earlier this month killed more than 600 people and flattened an estimated 22,500 homes. The tragedy has highlighted the difficulties China faces in extending safety standards for homes in remote areas of its countryside… Read Full Story

China’s Political Spectrum under Xi Jinping –The Diplomat

When, in November 2012, Xi Jinping took up his position as secretary general of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), his political ideas and positioning inside the Party remained largely a mystery. The CCP is a huge bureaucratic machine mainly devoted to its own survival, within which various interests and priorities unceasingly compete at every level. The personal convictions of supreme leaders are at best diffuse and changing, and none of them can lastingly avoid going through the system of decision by consensus. For this reason it is somewhat futile to try to identify perennial political factions… Read Full Story

Yao Ming Wants to Wean China off Ivory and Shark Fins – Time

BEIJING – Former NBA all-star center Yao Ming is now dishing out assists to much wilder targets. After retiring from the Houston Rockets in 2011, Yao returned to China and set out to end his homeland’s traditional appetite for endangered and threatened animal products… Read Full Story

Upstart Bank in China Rides High on Technology I.P.O. Crest – The New York Times

HONG KONG — When Alan Guo was chief strategist at Google China, he would have leisurely conversations with Fan Bao, a Beijing banker, exchanging ideas about the future of the Internet in China and swapping gossip about industry personalities. Mr. Bao, who had been a strategist at a Chinese technology company before setting up his own boutique investment bank in 2004, would occasionally prod Mr. Guo about his plans…Read Full Story

U.S., China tussle over sea claims – The Washington Post

NAYPYIDAW, Burma — The Obama administration insists it isn’t having a contest with China for influence and leadership in Southeast Asia, but both sides were clearly keeping score at a weekend meeting of regional foreign ministers here… Read Full Story

Chinese banks getting serious as risks from bad debts swell – Shanghai Daily

CHINESE banks are scrambling to get on top of bad debts they have downplayed for years, cutting off riskier borrowers, further tightening lending terms and, in one case, deploying teams of investigators to assess the risk of loan defaults.

China’s banks keep reporting bad loan levels well below what most analysts consider realistic, but their recent actions suggest the slowing economy may be squeezing borrowers and lenders harder than thought only a few months ago… Read Full Story

California Related:

Former Executives From E&J Gallo and Constellation Launch New International Wine Company – Market Wired

SANTA BARBARA, CA–(Marketwired – Aug 13, 2014) – Today two wine industry veterans on different continents announced they are joining forces with noted import/export experts to form the Aspira Corporation. As part of a long-term plan to introduce a broad portfolio of wines into Asia, Aspira will launch Sunterra™ as its first brand to be sold in China. John Kochis, CEO, has long seen the opportunity in Asia but needed the right team and the right brand… Read Full Story

Door to China reopens for California citrus – The Produce News

After more than 14 months of being denied official access to the Chinese market, the California citrus industry was notified verbally the week of July 28 and in writing Monday, Aug. 4 that China was once again open for exports of California citrus.

“We are very happy the market is open,” Jim Cranney, president of the California Citrus Quality Council, told The Produce News Aug. 7. “We estimate [China] to be approximately a $70 million market” and growing, with “somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 million cartons of California citrus going into China annually before the market closed…Read Full Story

California Drought Transforms Global Food Market  – Bloomberg

For more than 70 years, Fred Starrh’s family was among the most prominent cotton growers in California’s San Joaquin Valley. Then shifting global markets and rising water prices told him that wouldn’t work anymore…The result will affect everything from the price of milk in China to the source of cherries eaten by Americans. It has already inflamed competition for water between farmers and homeowners…Read Full Story

University of California steps up out-of-state recruiting –The Sacramento Bee

Last spring, representatives from the University of California, Davis, made 20 trips to China to encourage admitted students to accept their offer to study in the United States. The director of admissions at UC Santa Cruz met one young man in New Delhi, India, who had traveled hundreds of miles to make the case that he belonged at the coastal university thousands of miles from his home…Read Full Story

California named top overseas property destination for Chinese buyers – Property Report

Chinese investors who buy residential real estate abroad have picked the Golden State as their favourite investment destination in the United States, according to Washington, DC-based National Association of Realtors. In its recently released 2014 Profile of International Home Buying Activity report, Realtors determined that affluent buyers from China are now the biggest group of foreign investors in the US in terms of total sales dollar volume, claiming a 24 percent market share, mostly spending their money in high-priced markets like California, Washington and New York… Read Full Story

Billions will be lost unless Congress reauthorizes Export-Import Bank – The Boston Globe

FIRMGREEN, A SMALL renewable-energy company in California, lost a $57 million contract this year because of ideological posturing in Washington. One firm’s woes — the company had to furlough workers when it lost the job in the Philippines — might not affect the economy much. But the needless stalemate in Congress over the future of the Export-Import Bank of the United States threatens many other companies and workers too. At a time when the economy is still recovering, the conservative hardliners rallying to shut down the agency are risking a serious, self-inflicted economic wound. The bank is a hard institution to understand, much less to love, but Congress and Speaker John Boehner should stop fooling around and reauthorize an important economic tool…Read Full Story

Chinese startups get taste of Silicon Valley with TechCrunch-CNN

Beijing (CNN) — San Francisco-based TechCrunch brought a taste of Silicon Valley to Beijing this week, with more than 50 startups showcasing their innovations to tech fans and investors at a two-day event in the Chinese capital.

The conference attracted some of the most forward-thinking and dynamic Chinese technology wannabees, including ANTVR, a wearable gaming device company…Read Full Story

China Business Insight:

Sending the Right Message in China – The New York Times

Read Full Story

Foreign retail web sites load slowly in China – Internet Retailer

China leads the world in online retail sales, and shoppers there will buy $446 billion worth of goods from web sites this year, says Beijing-based market watcher iResearch. But slow-loading web sites may be keeping international retailers and brands from selling to those Chinese online shoppers…Read Full Story

What Do China’s New Free Trade Zones Mean For North American Businesses? – Forbes

After 30 years of rapid economic growth, China is looking to refuel its momentum by restructuring its economy to suit the changing times. Late in 2013, China unveiled the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, the first of several experimental free trade areas within mainland China. The zone is a testing ground for a number of economic policy changes, including relaxed restrictions on many industries, from banking and shipping to video games and motorcycles. What do the features of the SFTZ mean for foreign investors?…Read Full Story

China’s Food And Drugs Saga: Xi Jinping’s True New Plan – Forbes

In October 2013,the then CEO of a food multinational in China shared with this journalist a confidential information from high sources : China was going to bring down its licensed milk producers number to 15, half of the figure officially released. “This number”, he meant, “represents about the group of large foreign players on the local formula milk market”. Therefore, only a tiny number or local companies, among the largest like Yili orMengniu would be allowed to stay and compete with those major world producers…Read Full Story

Three Things Mondelēz International Has Learned About Success In China – Forbes

Introducing a new brand to the marketplace is a challenge. Introducing an existing brand to a new marketplace is a challenge. Introducing an existing brand to a marketplace whose culture is poles apart from that of its home turf is an even greater challenge, still.  How do you take what you’ve learned from a successful brand launch in one country and adapt this information to meet the needs, tastes, and buying habits of another country? And, what if this country is China, an arena for business that is growing not incrementally, but exponentially? Suffice it to say, challenging…Read Full Story

Entrepreneurs: China’s Next Growth Engine? – The Diplomat

Should China want to remain an international economic superpower, it will need to substitute its current growth model – one largely based on abundant, cheap labor – with a different comparative advantage that can lay the foundation for a new, more sustainable growth strategy… Read Full Story

Chinese Consumers: Increasingly Optimistic but Also Realistic – The Boston Consulting Group

Last year, China experienced a decline in GDP growth, along with a steep drop in consumer sentiment exacerbated by an anticorruption campaign that dampened the intention to spend in lower-tier cities in particular. This year, although business activity was slow in the first quarter, the economy has shown signs of stabilizing, with improved consumption growth. After dropping to a five-year low in January and February, total retail-sales growth increased in May to 12.5 percent, its fastest pace since December of 2013…Read Full Story

Could Stronger Unions Make China More Democratic? – The Nation

Han Dongfang, a longtime Chinese labor activist, has some ideas about democracy in China. But unlike most of the liberal Western critics and prominent exiled dissidents, Han is not focused on freeing Tibet, street rallies for human rights, or freedom of the press—though he understands that all those issues are vital to the debate on China’s political future. He thinks democracy begins not by casting a ballot for far-away political leaders, but electing your shop steward. And the interesting part is that the foundation for this emerging in workplaces across the nation that is defining, for better or worse, our global economy… Read Full Story

[Report] Chinese shoppers: Evolving behaviors in a challenging environment – Bain&Company

The growth of the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market continued to slow in China in 2013. Fierce competition among brands and thriftier shoppers mean that marketers can no longer grow a brand just by riding a category wave. Gaining market share is imperative, and market penetration is the primary way to achieve it

Have you got guanxi? The top five barriers for SMEs exporting to China – Smart Company

Compliance costs, a lack of resources and difficulty in creating personal networks are among the biggest challenges faced by SMEs when exporting to China, according to research from the Victorian Employers’ Chamber of Commerce.

VECCI Export Services says knowledge of the local market and an understanding of the local culture and language are also barriers for Australian SMEs doing business in China, which VECCI says is home to 300 million middle-class citizens… Read Full Story

E-Commerce in China: What to Expect – Power Retail

The Chinese e-commerce market is exploding. But there are some key differences between the East and the West for those entrepreneurs to consider while sizing up the opportunity, writes Mathew McDougall…Read Full Story

[Technology] LG Electronics seeks fresh smartphone start in China with G3 launch – Reuters

(Reuters) – LG Electronics Inc will on Monday begin selling its latest flagship smartphone in China, a market where it has struggled to make a dent and that has become increasingly tough for makers of high-end handsets other than Apple Inc.

Eager to capitalize on strong early reception for its G3, the company on Friday said it will sell the device through online shopping site, China’s second-biggest e-commerce company by market share, at 3,999 yuan ($650). … Read Full Story

[Business] In China, Japanese cars are losing their cachet – Market Watch

SHANGHAI–In April, 30-year-old financial manager Deng Dan replaced her three-year Nissan Qashqai crossover and upgraded to an Audi sedan.

“Audi is very popular among young people. I just wanted to go with the fashion,” said Ms. Deng, who lives on the outskirts of the southern Chinese city of Changsha. “In my mind buyers of Japanese cars are those who are less affluent.”

Ms. Deng’s thoughts highlight the challenge confronting Japanese auto makers in the world’s largest auto market: weakening popularity among younger and more affluent consumers. … Read Full Story

[Business] M&M’s Rides the Chocolate Wave in China – The Wall Street Journal

SHANGHAI—Mars Inc. will unveil a flagship store in Shanghai on Friday in a move to expand its brand in China, where candy makers are heating up competition in one of the world’s fastest-growing chocolate markets.

For closely held Mars, best known for its M&M’s chocolates and Mars and Snickers candy bars, the 1,600 square-meter, $10 million M&M’s department store, located in Shanghai’s version of Times Square, is a first foray into China’s retail scene. … Read Full Story

[Business] What to Expect When You’re Targeted by China’s Antitrust Cops – Bloomberg Businessweek

These are busy times for Chinese officials in charge of fighting monopolies. Last week, antimonopoly investigators swooped in on Microsoft (MSFT) offices in four cities, seizing documents and computers. The government’s State Administration of Industry and Commerce followed up with a warning to Microsoft on Monday. “The SAIC formally told Microsoft not to interfere in the investigation process,” theChina Daily reported the administration announcing on its website. … Read Full Story

[Business] China Exports Accelerate, Imports Fall in July – The Wall Street Journal

BEIJING—China’s exports surged in July on the back of strong demand from the U.S., Europe and Southeast Asia, while imports fell, surprising markets on both counts and resulting in a record monthly trade surplus.

The news was largely welcome in Beijing, as the world’s second-largest economy struggles to regain growth- and foreign-trade momentum after this year’s weak start, although negative import growth underscores continued weak domestic demand. … Read Full Story

[Business] McDonald’s July Sales Slip on China, U.S. Pressures – The Wall Street Journal

McDonald’s Corp. MCD -0.01% on Friday reported its worst monthly global same-store sales in more than 10 years as it deals with a meat-supplier scandal in China and continued weakness in the U.S.

Global sales fell 2.5% in July, far worse than expected. The steepest drop came in its Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa region, where sales at existing locations slumped 7.3% last month. Analysts were expecting a 0.5% drop in that region. … Read Full Story

[Business] Tesla in China: Slow Sales Acceleration and a Brand-Name Dispute – Bloomberg Businessweek

Elon Musk, Tesla Motors’ (TSLA) chief executive, has big hopes for China, a country that should be a natural for his electronic cars. The world’s largest auto market has notoriously awful smog problems, and the Chinese government has made the pollution fight one of its top priorities. Last month, for instance, China’s State Council agreed to exempt electric cars (as well as plug-in hybrids and fuel-cell vehicles) from the 10 percent tax normally assessed on new autos. And the government on July 13 said electric cars would make up at least 30 percent of its vehicle purchases by 2016. … Read Full Story

[Social Media] China Tightens Restrictions on Messaging Apps – The Wall Street Journal

China for the first time placed restrictions on instant-messaging services—an increasingly popular platform in the country for discussion and debate.

Beijing said the restrictions were instituted to “help build a clean cyberspace” and safeguard national security. … Read Full Story

[Business] BMW Profit Growth May Be Exhausted, While China Probe Clouds Future – Forbes

BMW’s latest financial results excited most investors, again, but there are some who wonder if, just maybe, the leading German luxury car maker’s growing profitability might be peaking out.

And news that the Chinese government is investigating foreign automakers’ alleged monopolistic pricing won’t help BMW or for that matter its competitors like Daimler’s Mercedes, VW’s Audi and Jaguar Land Rover. Massive sales in China have been almost a license to print money for luxury car makers, with BMW accounting for one fifth of its revenues there. China provides around 30 per cent of BMW’s operating profit. … Read Full Story

[Business] China’s Coming Shale Gas Auction Offer Little Hope to Private Investors – Forbes

China’s auction of shale blocks is a somewhat strange business. The first shale sale in June 2011 was largely a staged play among the six state-run bidders. The second round held in 2012 was open to private investors, but shortlisted candidates included the bizarre choices of a home-appliance company and a hardware firm that mainly sells hand tools. Now the repeatedly delayed third round is expected to take place, but things are unlikely to get any better for private investors hoping to benefit from the country’s future shale gas boom. … Read Full Story

[Environment] China’s War On Air Pollution Shows More Promise Than Reports Indicate – Forbes Asia

Multinational corporations like Coca-Cola andPanasonic are increasingly offering expat executives “hardship packages,” which include allowances for frequent trips to their home countries and additional ‘bonuses’, to entice them to stay in China’s polluted cities. While the private sector is offering a short-term solution to China’s air pollution problem, it is not the only plan for making China’s smog-choked cities more livable. … Read Full Story

[Business] China stocks are back from the dead – CNN Money

Chinese markets are showing signs of life after a dismal first half of the year, driven higher by a steady flow of positive economic news.

The benchmark Shanghai Composite has jumped about 7% since the end of June, erasing a 3.2% decline in the first six months of the year. The S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average have both fallen around 2% since the end of June. … Read Full Story

[Business] China Said to Exclude Apple From Procurement List – Bloomberg News

China’s government excluded Apple Inc. iPads and MacBook laptops from the list of products that can be bought with public money because of security concerns, according to government officials familiar with the matter. … Read Full Story

[Business] Wal-Mart’s Strategy to Jump Start Growth in China – The Wall Street Journal

David Cheesewright, who started his career as a gym teacher, faces a big challenge as the newest chief executive of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. WMT +0.87% ‘s international division: Get the retailer’s overseas operations back in shape.

Following years of double-digit sales growth, sales at its 6,100 international stores rose 1.3% in the year ended Jan. 31 as the company struggled to turn around what was once its fastest-growing division. … Read Full Story

[Breaking News] Death toll in China rises to 589 – AOL

LUDIAN, China (AP) – The death toll in southern China’s earthquake rose to 589 on Wednesday as search and rescue teams pushed into isolated mountain communities to clear debris from collapsed homes.

The Yunnan provincial government said more than 2,400 people were injured in Sunday’s 6.1 magnitude quake in the mountainous Yunnan farming region of Ludian county – the country’s deadliest temblor in four years. … Read Full Story

[Business] Yachtbuilders Are Eyeing A Boom In China – Business Insider

With a fortune made in Chinese finance, Li Wang already has six cars including a Bentley and a Porsche, and his eye on his next multi-millionaires’ toy: a boat.

“I only know a little about yachts at the moment,” acknowledged the chubby 27-year-old, strolling in golden sunglasses among the sailboats, catamarans and motor cruisers lining the jetties at a boat show in Dalian. … Read Full Story

[Business] Car Makers Face Hits in China – The Wall Street Journal

SHANGHAI—Foreign auto makers came under new pressure in China on Tuesday, with Daimler AG DAI.XE -1.01% saying it is assisting Chinese authorities in an investigation into the car maker’s Mercedes-Benz brand and Chrysler unveiling wide-ranging price cuts on some of its cars and spare parts. Chrysler said its move is a “proactive response” to an antitrust probe. … Read Full Story

[Technology] Forget Samsung, Xiaomi is China’s new smartphone king – CNN Money

The upstart Chinese smartphone maker has knocked Samsung off its throne in China, shipping more units than its South Korea-based rival for the first time in the second quarter.

The performance is the latest indication that Xiaomi has evolved from niche player in China to a major force in its home market. … Read Full Story

[Business] BMW sales top one million. Thanks China! – CNN Money

China’s love of luxury cars continues unabated, helping drive BMW group sales to a record one million vehicles in the first half of 2014.

Global sales of the group’s three brands — BMW, Rolls-Royce and Mini — rose by 7% over the same period last year. China sales were up 23%. … Read Full Story

[Environment] China to ban all coal use in Beijing by 2020 – ABC News

China’s smog-plagued capital has announced plans to ban the use of coal by the end of 2020 as the country fights deadly levels of pollution, especially in major cities.

Beijing’s Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau posted the plan on its website Monday, saying the city would instead prioritize electricity and natural gas for heating. … Read Full Story

[Breaking News] China rescues 32 from rubble after quake kills hundreds – USA Today

BEIJING — Firefighters rescued more than 30 people Monday trapped in rubble from a strong earthquake that hit southern China, even as the death toll rose to nearly 400 people.

The magnitude-6.1 quake that struck the mountainous region in Yunnan province on Sunday has killed at least 398 people and injured more than 1,800, the state-run Xinhua News Agency reported. … Read Full Story

[Business] Chinese Regulators Search Daimler Offices – New York Times

The German automobile giant Daimler has become the latest multinational company to bear the brunt a Chinese regulatory investigation, confirming on Tuesday that officials from an agency that enforces antimonopoly and pricing rules had searched its offices in Shanghai. … Read Full Story

[Environment] China needs ‘sustainable’ urbanization – ChinaDaily USA

As its urbanization continues, China needs to use more renewable energies to reduce possible impact on the environment, said C.S. Kiang, founding dean of Peking University’s College of Environmental Sciences, on Sunday at a conference in New York. “In 15 or 25 years, Chinese urbanization is going to be the largest human activity ever undertaken. What’s the possible ecological impact? I specifically stress that urbanization is not only a China issue. It’s a global issue,” Kiang said at a US-China economic and trade conference as part of the Vision and Innovation Forum at New York University. … Read Full Story

[Business] Local Governments Out of Pocket? – Beijing Review

According to a report issued by the National Audit Office, local government debt in China had totaled 17.9 trillion yuan ($2.9 trillion) by the end of June 2013. Of this, local governments are responsible for repaying 10.89 trillion yuan ($1.76 trillion), which accounts for 61 percent. They also assume the liability of guarantee for 2.67 trillion yuan ($430 billion) and some liability of salvage for 4.34 trillion yuan ($700 billion), respectively. … Read Full Story

[Sports] Baseball serves as bridge for US ties – ChinaDaily USA

Baseball may be America’s national pastime, and while the jury is still out on whether the sport will ever find a similar following in China, several Chinese community leaders are happy to use it as a bridge for better understanding between the world’s two largest economies. … Read Full Story

[Technology] China’s mobile game market to grow a scorching 93% to $2.9B in 2014 – VentureBeat

SHANGHAI — It doesn’t get much hotter than this, unless you’re talking about the temperatures this city reaches during the summer. The Chinese mobile-game market has exploded, with revenue expected to grow 93 percent to $2.9 billion in 2014, and that expansion should continue at a compound annual growth rate of 37.6 percent from 2013 to 2018. … Read Full Story

[Business] China’s Stocks Rise to Eight-Month High as Chalco Rallies-Bloomberg

China’s stocks rose to an eight-month high, led by financial and commodity shares, on speculation the government is accelerating state-owned enterprise reform and relaxing rules to help brokerages free up capital for expansion. … Read Full Story

[Business] How will China handle its real estate bubble? – Al Jazeera America

China’s economy has been on a rocky path since the global financial crisis of 2008. Many observers have decried the existence of massive excesses in property investment, warning the country’s economy is too reliant on a property bubble that is waiting to burst. Yet China marches ahead. In April, The Financial Times estimatedthat, for the first time since the 1870s, this year China will be the world’s largest economy, supplanting the United States. … Read Full Story

[Business] China Crackdown Turns Treasury Wines Into a Takeover Target – BloombergBusinessweek

Billionaire Henry Kravis may turn out to be an unlikely beneficiary of Xi Jinping’s campaign to fight corruption in China. The Chinese president has been leading a fight to curtail conspicuous consumption and extravagant gift-giving among Communist Party and Chinese government officials, and that has dampened demand for, among other high-end luxury goods, premium wines. …Read Full Story

[Breaking News] US ready to help China in quake relief – ChinaDaily USA

WASHINGTON – The White House on Sunday offered condolences over loss of lives in China’s southwestern province of Yunnan, where a strong earthquake befell earlier in the day, saying the United States was ready to help. “The United States offers sincere condolences to all those who lost loved ones in the Aug 3 earthquake in southwestern China,” National Security Council spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan said in a statement. … Read Full Story

[Technology] China to Microsoft: Don’t Interfere in Antitrust Probe – PCMAG

Chinese officials this week issued a stern warning to Microsoft: don’t interfere with our antitrust investigation. China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) recently questioned Microsoft’s Deputy General Counsel, Mary Snapp. But in a later statement, SAIC warned Microsoft that it “should strictly abide by Chinese laws and may not interfere [or] in any way hinder investigation of the case, to ensure an objective and impartial investigation.” … Read Full Story

[Policies] China relaxes capital controls for some foreign firms – Yahoo Finance

BEIJING (Reuters) – Some foreign firms in China can now use their registered capital to buy stakes in other Chinese companies as part of an experiment to further loosen capital controls, the foreign exchange regulator said on Monday.

The State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) said the pilot test would also reduce red tape for companies that want to convert their registered capital into yuan to attract more foreign investment. … Read Full Story

[Business] China’s surging investment in US heralds new multinational era – South China Morning Post

Chinese investments in the United States now exceed American investments in China in an historic shift that may see the emergence of joint Sino-US multinationals, but one that is also fraught with geopolitical risks, said analysts. “Chinese FDI [foreign direct investment] into the US will be one of the great economic stories of the next decade,” said Mike Margolis, a partner at US law firm Blank Rome. …Read Full Story

[Business] McDonald’s Hopes to Bring Burger Back to China Soon – Wall Street Journal

BEIJING— McDonald’s Corp. MCD -0.62% hopes within a week to put burgers and McNuggets back on the menu in many of its China stores, two weeks after it cut ties with a Shanghai supplier that allegedly sold the chain expired meat. The Oak Brook, Ill., company has been working with existing suppliers to increase capacity, a China-based spokeswoman for McDonald’s said Monday. McDonald’s had to conduct due diligence on new potential suppliers so they would fit the company’s “farm-to-fork process,” she said. “It takes a longer time for good reasons.”… Read full story

August 1st, 2014  

Shanghai, China – Zeng Jingsong, vice president of Charoen Pokphand Group, which is one of Asia’s largest conglomerates, visited California Center in Shanghai at the beginning of August of 2014. Charoen Pokphand Group consists of three core businesses that operate in: agribusiness and food, retail and distribution, and the telecommunications industries, with investment in over 20 countries.